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Helpful tips on how to reduce your pool maintenance!

There is something so relaxing about sitting by your clean swimming pool especially in this El Paso, Texas heat!. Having a pool at home may make you feel like you’re on vacation — but maintaining it can be a lot of work. Following these tips can take guesswork out of maintaining your pool.

Skim any leaves that may be falling in your pool immediately. This keeps them from falling to the bottom of the pool where they are much harder to get.

Scrub the sides and bottom of the pool at least twice a week. Doing this at night is much easier to see any green spots that may be hidden from the suns reflection off the water during the day. Plus it is a lot easier on your eyes.

There are robot vacuums that scrub while they vacuum!

Keep your filter clean! I recommend checking it twice every day. This is the most important part of keeping your pool clean! And keeping your filter clean will keep your pool pump from over working itself. I personally clean my main pool filter at least twice a month to keep from stressing the motor.

Buy a chemical tester and inspect your pool’s chemical leaves twice a week! I would recommend doing this after scrubbing your pool since algae will be floating in the water.

Shock your pool at least once a week during its busiest times! When the pool is being used more than usual or when the weather is erratic I might shock the pool twice a week.


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