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Pool Cleaning

We want the opportunity to take care of all your pool cleaning needs. Our highly trained pool cleaning staff is reliable and affordable, with top of the line service. We understand that each pool is different, so we do our best to accommodate all of your needs including: adding chemicals, vacuuming, brushing the walls, and skimming the surface.

We offer weekly and monthly services that work around your busy schedule and provide you with flexible appointment times. Call Ocean Pools today for an appointment and a list of fees.

One- time cleaning & pool instructions

After your pool is completed, we will provide instructions, and  a one time cleaning. While pools are great to have, they do require regular to be safe to use. We offer several different pool cleaning options, including options that you can easily do yourself. The One-time Cleaning service includes:

  • Adjustment of the water chemistry (chemicals are not included)
  • Adjustment of water level if needed
  • Backwash of filter
  • Brush of tile & walls
  • Empty of skimmers, pump basket, and pool cleaner bag
  • Skimming of pool surface
  • Vacuuming of pool floor

Acid Wash

Acid wash is a must if your pool has been inactive and turned black as a result. Often times, the buildup of algae after a period of time will need to be taken care of before you start swimming in your pool again. Ocean Pools is El Paso’s experts in applying acid wash your swimming pool.

If the bottom of the pool’s floor is not visible or you have many stains throughout the pool and just want to make your pool brighter, then acid wash is your best option.

Acid is a very dangerous substance that must be handled carefully. Ocean Pool’s staff is specially trained and certified to adequately apply the acid wash. Additionally, at Ocean Pools, we make sure to use proper safety guidelines and protect the environment around the acid wash.

Our acid wash process includes:

  • Drain Water from Pool
  • Clean Bottom of Pool
  • Pressure Wash the Pool
  • Apply Acid Wash Solution
  • Drain Acid Wash Solution
  • Inspect and Clean Filters

If your El Paso pool is experiencing discoloration or stains, call the experts Ocean Pools and setup an appointment four our acid wash services.

D.E. Filter Cleaning

D.E. (diatomaceous earth) filter provides the most efficient type of pool filter available. The filter can trap particles down to 3-5 microns. The essential parts of your DE Filter are: the Pressure Gauge, Backwash Valve, Air Relief Valve, Filter Tank Lid, and Grids. The pressure gauge is actually one of the most important pieces of your DE Filter. The pressure gauge lets lets you know when it’s time to clean the filter.  Here are some tips in understanding a D.E. Filter Cleaning and the pressure gauge.

  • Clean your filter when the pressure gauge is at 8 – 10 psi above normal
  • E. Filter must be cleaned once a month

After doing a backwash, the filter is still dirty and not able to filter the pool correctly. You should clean each filter every six months. At Ocean Pools the three main steps for cleaning your filter are to: backwash it, clean the manifolds and grids, and add a new D.E. Filter. Our services include:

  • Completely taking apart the filter
  • Carefully cleaning and examining the grids
  • O-ring inspection and lubrication before reassembling
  • Recharge DE filter

Dealing with a D.E. Filter can be difficult.  Have the experts at Ocean Pools do it for you! Call us today!

Pool Inspections

The Inspection Process

  • Examine the Plumbing
  • Check for cracks or leaks that could lead to future problems
  • Inspect fir calcium buildup or leaks
  • Pool’s water levels at suggested height
  • Inspect Pool Walls/Liner
  • Examine pool interior for loose tiles
  • Check coloration of pool
  • Make sure the pool is at the right pressure
  • Inspect surrounding areas for possible loose fencing
  • Confirm that the latch opens and closes properly
  • Inspect safety covers and pool ladders are accurately working

Sand Filters

If your El Paso pool is experiencing discoloration or stains, call the experts at Ocean Pools and set up an appointment for our acid wash services.

Sand filters require the least maintenance of filtration systems, but when your sand filter stops working at its optimum level, it works harder to properly run.  Frequently changing the sand will keep the filter running smoothly and extend its life. Though the easiest, the sand filter must be changed every 5-7 years to run efficiently and effectively.

It is important to recognize that sand filters are more effective when they gather some sand from the normal process, so backwash is only recommended as normal operating pressure increases. If there is no change in filter pressure, we recommend doing it at least once a month.

Electronic Leak Detection

Ocean Pools offers electronic leak detection that precisely find where leaks are located within a pool.

Our highly trained team replaces any leaking skimmers and damaged underground pool plumbing.

If we discover your leak is coming from the pool’s main drain, we can often plug or eliminate this line at your pump and filter equipment.  Failing to winterize your pool plumbing is one of the most common reasons for these types of leaks.

Signs you have a pool leak:

  • Pool loses more water than regular
  • Pool has air in the system
  • Equipment loses prime
  • You see cracks
  • Pool deck is sinking or lifting
  • Pool has soggy spots
  • Constantly having to add more water.

Deck Installation, Painting, Resurfacing & Repair

Ocean Pools offers El Paso with the installing, refinishing, repairing and rebuilding of your perfect pool deck. It is important that these surrounding spaces be paved and sustained correctly, as there is a buildup of water that increases the risk of slipping.

We offer the highest quality of materials for our beautiful decks. We take pride in every deck we create. No matter how large or small your deck needs to be, our skilled team will only deliver the highest quality product. Let us design your dream pool deck. We work with your budget and space to fit all your needs.

Why you should get a deck from us:

  • Amazing Visual
  • Extremely Durable
  • Very Low-Maintenance
  • Non-Slip
  • Cost-Effective

For your free estimate please call us toll free at (915) 351-7711.

Pool Resurfacing

Is it time for your pool to be resurfaced? Give Ocean Pools the opportunity to give you a wide variety of surfaces. The three most common plaster, pebble, and quartz.

With ongoing training and certifications, we make sure our team of professionals is the best at applying the surface of your choice. The first thing to do is to remove or clean the current surface material and apply a bond coat to allow for a new surface.

After Ocean Pools applies and cleans the surface of the pool the beginning process is initiated . We make sure that you are thoroughly satisfied throughout the entire process.  We take each project very seriously and want to make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied.

Let Ocean Pools resurface your swimming pool.  You will not be disappointed! Call us today to schedule a free consultation.

Pool Painting

Ocean Pools uses high quality paint that provides durability for our residential customers.  This paint can last for ten years or more before needing to be replaced.

Reasons to Get Pool Painted

  1. Prevents algae from growing
  2. Stays Clean
  3. Reduces the amount of chemicals used
  4. Provides the pool structure with a longer life span
  5. Enhances Pools Look

If you want your pool to look as good as new, call Ocean Pools for a free painting estimate.

Update or Renovate Your Swimming Pool

Is it time to update or renovate your swimming pool? Ocean Pools has many years of experience that provide our customers with the pool they want. Our team has the necessary skills and talent to transform your swimming pool into your dream pool.

First, we’d like to evaluate your current swimming pool and advise you on any necessary treatments we may have for you. We will take you step by step through the evaluation process. Depending on our initial inspection, Ocean Pools will decide what is necessary to make your swimming pool immaculate.

Ready For A Sparkling Pool?

Dive into the extraordinary with Ocean Pools – where every pool is a masterpiece.

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